PIC Solutions, the specialist credit risk solutions company in the EMEA
region, invested over a year designing a "best practice" account origination
system and turned to Bytes Systems Integration (SI) to assist with
developing components of the software.

As part of the project PIC Solutions called upon Bytes SI to develop
components of the AppSmart system for the company. The solution will expand
PIC Solutions' innovative range of offerings, and will, with the use of the
K2 blackpearl software, introduce a much sought after workflow component to
the solution.
While the solution was designed internally, PIC Solutions chose to outsource
the development to Bytes SI as its own technical resources were fully
utilised on other software projects. In this way, PIC Solutions was able to
leverage off Bytes SI's expertise and proven track record while minimising
the time to market AppSmart.
"Bytes was able to develop workflow and BPM aspects into the custom built
solution which enables financial service providers to build a risk profile
on their customers much quicker, and which will in turn enable a faster
turnaround to their customers," says Derek Zellie, operations manager for
Bytes SI in the Western Cape.
"This project really yielded positive results for PIC Solutions, as our
technology partner Bytes SI was able to provide a valuable contribution to
the solution design and did so within deadline and on budget, while
exceeding our expectations in many instances. Due to the unavailability of
our own technical resources we took the decision to outsource the
development to Bytes SI and were not only impressed with their grasp and
interpretation of the design but also their delivery focus and favourable
rates," says Jaco Rossouw, project manager for PIC Solutions.
Bytes SI responded to the tender for the project which would ultimately
result in the development of components of the AppSmart system for PIC
Solutions. AppSmart was developed with the ultimate goal of delivering a
best practice account originations system for assessing credit applications
for various financial products based on risk criteria and human and system
decision making processes and rules. The AppSmart project commenced on 1
September 2007 and was completed on the 31 January 2008.
"The end product includes the latest business process management workflow
solution in the form of K2 blackpearl.  This is the first embedded K2
blackpearl solution in the country," says Zellie.
The newly developed AppSmart software has a Web interface for capturing
data, a SQL server to store the data centrally and a K2 blackpearl workflow
management system to manage the origination process. Additionally, it
supports XML Web services for the workflow process to be assessed along the
way, as well as .Net assemblies for delivering business logic and data
access, and a .Net Windows rich client for system configuration and
applications processing.
The solution uses the latest technologies from Microsoft based on the .Net
framework and also incorporates K2 blackpearl.
K2 blackpearl is a business process management software tool that
dynamically controls an organisation's workflow. It literally removes the
manual processes involved in a business, managing previous manual intensive
tasks and distributing it to the correct sources.  K2 saves resources by
improving productivity.
K2 blackpearl allows user to marry business processes, people, services,
information and systems into a single application, resulting in a
process-driven application. With K2, it's easy to create processes and
applications because it offers simple tools and familiar environments that
work off Microsoft applications using .Net 3.0 – it is also easy to modify
them when a business needs changes implementing.
"PIC Solutions chose Bytes as its development partner because we were
impressed with Bytes SI's technical capabilities and understanding of our
requirements; in addition, their services came at an affordable rate. The
project went off without a hitch and we look forward to working with Bytes
again in the future," says Rossouw.
The AppSmart product is available from PIC Solutions throughout the entire
African and Middle East region.