Imation has introduced the 8GB capacity version of the Imation Atom Flash
Drive, providing greater storage capabilities to its range of 1GB, 2GB and
4GB ultra small flash drives.

The Imation Atom Flash Drive family has proved to be popular among flash
users and has been enhanced to provide the additional flexibility to meet
all their personal and business needs.
Compact but incredibly durable, the 8GB Atom is designed and tailored to fit
the capacity, security and performance requirements of today's mobile
professionals. Proved in rigorous testing, the Imation Atom Flash Drive has
been certified by SGS Reliability Laboratory to be both waterproof and
dustproof, guarding valuable data no matter what variable conditions might
be experienced in transit.
The Imation Atom Flash Drive is not just physically well-protected by its
aluminium casing; password and drive partitioning means stored data is
readily secured against access by unauthorised users. A key chain makes it
simple to attach the Atom to a briefcase or laptop bag to ensure the tiny
flash drive doesn't get lost.
Compatible with Windows Ready Boost, the Imation Atom Flash Drive can be
used to accelerate system performance, as well as store and transport data,
and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating platforms.
Branko Domic, brand manager at Imation, comments: "We are proud of how
quickly the Imation Atom Flash Drive has been embraced by consumers and it
has exceeded our targets within its first few months on the market. We are
delighted to be able to offer our customers the 8GB version which reflects
the increasing demand received from consumers."