Magix Integration has acquired the distribution rights to IronKey in South
Africa. IronKey is designed to be the world's most secure USB flash drive by
incorporating automatic, military-strength AES hardware encryption and a
metal casing to protect it from physical harm.

IronKey devices do not offer optional encryption like other products, but
encrypt all data stored on them at all times. Users can only gain access to
their data by authenticating themselves through a pre-approved password
which is entered when the device is initiated.
"Most companies are at risk of losing data because of weak endpoint security
processes that allow people to lose or steal data on portable storage
devices such as USB sticks or even cell phones," says Amir Lubashevsky,
director of Magix Integration. "One can't ban USB devices from the workplace
because they are very useful and convenient for transferring and storing
information, but they are hard to control.
"By distributing IronKey USB devices to employees and ensuring only these
products are used to store and transport corporate data, companies can
ensure data is only available to authorised people, even if a USB device is
stolen or lost."
IronKey devices do not protect endpoints, but the data, the user and the
owner of the information. The flash drive is hardware encrypted to military
specifications, is water proof and physically hardened.
The devices work with Windows XP and Vista, without the need to install
software or drivers. The onboard security software cannot be tampered with
or removed and each IronKey has a unique serial number, making it simple to
track and inventory.
IronKey also provides an enterprise management service that allows companies
to easily manage thousands of devices and enforce device-specific policies
both on and off the corporate network. Additionally, users activate an
online account when they initialise an IronKey that provides additional
services such as online password backup, as well as device and software
"It is impossible to prevent users from exploiting the convenience of USB
drives," explains Lubashevsky. "Companies therefore need to incorporate
these devices into their security processes by standardising on one secure
USB drive for all employees.
"With IronKey USB drives, users will have their convenience and the
company's data will be secure. Moreover, the business will meet its
regulatory and security compliance demands by being assured its sensitive
customer or business information is always encrypted while on the move."