Microsoft's upcoming browser will make it possible for users to protect their privacy while surfing.

The beta version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 includes a mode called InPrivateBrowing which will let users choose to not have their visited sites stored on their computers.
It will also prevent other sites from dropping cookings and temporary files – which companies use to identify users – on to a user's computer.
The new feature is a surprising step for the software manufacturer which is trying to increase its penetration into the lucrative online advertising business currently dominated by Google and Yahoo.
It is by tracking users' online habits that advertising companies are able to tailor the advertisements they serve to users.
An InPrivateBlocking mode in the new browser will also allow users to block third party content from appearing on Web sites they visit – and can also be used to block some ads.
There's no word yet on when the new browser will be available, but a second beta is now available for average users to try out.