Local service provider, Webmail, has launched a new web site and partnership with Nokia that sees it become the locally-hosted mobile e-mail solution exclusively for South Africa.

Webmail has had a good year so far, having also seen a significant growth in online users.
During the new web site launch month in July, Webmail says 9 000 users upload more than 100 000 files into their 10Gb storing and sharing functionality file.
The free email service has also had great success with Webchat, a versatile online and mobile chat service that has had over 50 000 people registering in July alone.
"We believe that mobile internet is the way forward for South Africans, so we have developed this user-friendly version of a chat service that is compatible with other chat programmes," says Dennis Armstrong, marketing & business development director for Interface Media, Webmail's holding company.
The new Webmail has also proven to be a success for its advertisers. EasyInfo's average page impressions increased by 35%, while CarKey's average page impressions were up by 153% in just one period, showing that Webmail's new home page has helped increase hits for its advertisers.
"The idea is to help bridge the digital divide by offering functionality that answers the need of the majority of internet users in the country," Armstrong adds. The key to growth in the industry is the recognition that mobile internet penetration is likely to surpass PC-based internet connectivity in South Africa and adapting our websites in order to cater for this exciting phenomenon.