The dedicated Microsoft division at Workgroup has, together with Microsoft
SA, introduced an annual awards evening to pay homage to its channel

The inaugural event, announcing the winners for 2008, will take place in
Johannesburg on 28 August 2008 where Workgroup and Microsoft will
congratulate award winners and thank their top 20 channel performers for
outstanding performance.
So says Shirley Gottschick, Infrastructure GM and director at Workgroup who
adds that this event has been established as a means of strengthening
relations with Microsoft's local dealers and partners rewarding them for
their dedication and commitment to the brand.
"Having recently announced the fact that Workgroup took Microsoft's
Distributor of the Year award for the third year in a row has brought to
light the fact that we would be unable to reach these heights without the
loyal support of our channel," she says.
"And so it is thus that we agreed to find a way to thank our channel
partners with accolades of their own."
Workgroup has had a great year, says Viresh Chota, partner account manager
at Microsoft SA, exceeding expectations in FY08 by growing their business
+30 percent year-on-year in both Volume Licensing and Commercial Full
Packaged Product, which includes an Annuity mix of 40%.
"Workgroup's success in 2008, and previous years, is attributed to its
highly skilled staff compliment, sound business process/systems and detailed
understanding of their sales pipeline and revenue forecasting ability," he
adds. "In addition to delivering a consistent performance both monthly and
quarterly, Workgroup's continuous analysis of its customers has allowed the
company to identify, uncover and nurture growth opportunities for the month
and years ahead with their partners."