Fortinet has announced that global market research firm Frost & Sullivan has
bestowed on the company the "Global Competitive Strategy Leadership of the
Year" best practices award for enabling profitable network-based Managed
Security Services.

The award is based on extensive research conducted by Stratecast, a Frost &
Sullivan subsidiary, which evaluated Fortinet against several UTM vendors.
This award validates the strength of Fortinet's security platform as more
than 500 service providers around the globe have adopted the FortiGate
multi-threat security appliance as the foundation for their managed security
Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognise companies in a variety of
regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and
superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation,
customer service and strategic product development. Industry analysts
compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth
interviews, analysis and extensive secondary research in order to identify
best practices in the industry.
In recognising Fortinet for this award, Frost & Sullivan highlighted the
following contributors:
* Fortinet has demonstrated the means and the results to its Managed
Security Service Provider (MSSP) customers to be a trusted and capable
security partner;
* In addition to Fortinet's technology prowess and security pedigree, the
company has concentrated on building features that position FortiGate,
Fortinet's flagship new generation security gateway, as out-of-box ready for
managed service deployments; and
* Fortinet has the technical expertise in each security function it
supports -firewall, IPS, VPN, antivirus, Web content filtering, anti-spam,
traffic shaping – and the operational mindset to move network-based managed
security services from a strategic initiative to a profitable business for
its MSSP partners.
The selection of Fortinet for this award was based on Stratecast's
continuous research of technologies, products and services designed to
improve the security of enterprise networks, their business and
consumer-facing applications, and sensitive data at rest, in use and in
"Telecommunications providers are driving hard toward expanded relationships
with their business customers and managed security services is an area where
telecommunication providers are confident that they can succeed," says
Michael Suby, director of Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan.
"However, success is predicated on developing the right partnerships to
bring appealing and profitable services to market and in supporting
customers. Fortinet has proven that it has what it takes to be an enabling
partner in managed security services."
Leading MSSPs such as Verizon Business, Orange Business Services, NTT
Communications, Chunghwa Telecom and Belgacom have chosen Fortinet solutions
as the basis for providing an array of managed services to address the
security needs of their customers while saving on both capital and
operational expenses. With Fortinet's flexible, fast FortiGate security
platform, MSSPs benefit from multi-layer security, ASIC-accelerated
performance and modular scalability — enabling them to optimise their
deployment and management costs.
Fortinet integrates a broad array of network and content security
applications and services onto its flexible, high-performance FortiGate
platform ideally suited for MSSPs, carriers and enterprises. Through the
utilisation of virtual domains (VDOMs), FortiGate systems offer MSSPs
exceptional manageability of multiple domains and networks from a single
device with domain-specific administrative profiles; scalability for
providing the performance to support thousands of virtual networks without
impacting overall network throughput, specific users or applications; and
the modularity that can only be achieved with a broad security suite.
"Global MSSP adoption of Fortinet's solutions has led to our increased
foothold in this sector, which currently represents one of the
fastest-growing segments of our overall business," says Ken Xie, founder,
president and CEO of Fortinet. "We are very pleased to receive this
distinction from Frost & Sullivan as it demonstrates the success and
satisfaction we are seeing from our MSSP customers."
FortiGate systems deliver real-time network protection through the
integration of essential security applications and services – including
firewall, antivirus, VPN, IPS, anti-spam, Web content filtering and traffic
shaping – that can be deployed individually, or combined as a UTM solution.
All FortiGate systems are kept up-to-date automatically by Fortinet's
FortiGuard Network, which provides broad updates that help provide
protection against the most damaging threats commonly found in email and Web
traffic such as viruses, worms, vulnerability exploit attempts and other
unwanted network traffic – around the clock and around the world.
Fortinet's FortiManager is a centralised management platform that allows
MSSPs to deploy security services to thousands of customers and eases the
administrative efforts required to deploy, configure, monitor and maintain a
full range of network protection services. FortiAnalyzer provides advanced
security management functions such as quarantine archiving, event
correlation, vulnerability assessments, traffic analysis and content