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News SIP Proxy is more reliable, secure


Interactive Intelligence is releasing  version 4.0 of its Interaction SIP
Proxy in South Africa, which includes features for increased reliability,
improved security and simplified deployment.

Session initiation protocol proxies are designed for distributed enterprises
and call centres to more efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively route
interactions between servers in SIP-based IP telephony environments.
"As we've converted to an all-VoIP communications system with increasingly
centralised infrastructure, it's more critical than ever that our fewer
components can reliably handle high call volumes," says Richard Hawley,
senior network engineer for American Customer Care. "Interaction SIP Proxy
has helped us maximize our system uptime, while migrating to this
consolidated 'virtual' contact centre model. Version 4.0's new SMTP alerts
for more effective system monitoring further help us guarantee uptime for
our customers, which is of paramount importance in the outsourced contact
centre services industry."
Interaction SIP Proxy 4.0 also adds support for secure real-time transport
protocol and transport layer security standards, including certificate
authentication. These security features are particularly important to
companies in the payment card industry, such as Visa and MasterCard.
"We're facing increasing pressure from clients to demonstrate PCI-compliance
in order to protect customer credit and debit card information," Hawley
said. "Interaction SIP Proxy 4.0's support for SRTP and TLS security
standards will help us satisfy this requirement so we can ensure our
clients' customer data is protected."
Interaction SIP Proxy 4.0 also includes new source-based routing, which
enables it to route interactions based on where they originated. This helps
simplify deployment and increase operational efficiencies, according to
Interactive Intelligence senior vice president of worldwide marketing,
Joseph A. Staples.
"Previously our SIP proxy could route interactions based on where they were
going in the 'to' field, but routing based on the source where multiple
servers and gateways were involved would mean increasingly complex, thus
time-consuming configurations," Staples says. "Interaction SIP Proxy 4.0's
new source-based routing simplifies these configurations, ultimately
resulting in increased operational efficiencies."
Interaction SIP ProxyT 4.0 is also the first Interactive Intelligence
component to be validated for virtual use with VMware ESX 3.0, thus further
reducing the number of servers required in an all-SIP environment.
"With our conversion to the VMware ESX platform underway, Interaction SIP
ProxyT 4.0's validation is very timely and will enable us to eliminate
additional servers for load balancing and redundancy," Hawley said. "Not
only will this save us money, but by reducing power and heating
requirements, we'll also minimize our 'carbon footprint'."
Interactive Intelligence is offering its SIP proxy in three versions:
Interaction SIP ProxyT, Basic; Interaction SIP ProxyT, Business Continuity;
and Interaction SIP ProxyT, Load Balancer – to accommodate all sizes and
requirements of distributed enterprises and contact centres. Ideal vertical
industries include financial services (payment card industry), healthcare,
retail and teleservices/telemarketing firms.
Interaction SIP ProxyT 4.0 is offered with the Interactive Intelligence
all-in-one IP communications software suite, or as a standalone proxy to
work with third-party communications application products.