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Nomad chooses Radical to boost business processes


Nomad Information Systems has chosen Radical, the CRM framework from JSE
AltX-listed DVT to enhance the call logging and workflow planning of pilots
and rollout of electronic payment gateways to clients.

Nomad integrates bank, retailer and customer using transaction processing
technology at point of sale, and provides a secure gateway between retailer
and bank for electronic funds transfer and related processes.
Radical is a highly customisable customer relationship management (CRM)
solution that provides a stable, customisable platform and framework that
can cater for specific business requirements, including helpdesk operations
and business process management workflows.
Before implementing the software, Nomad had been managing its client calls
and workflow using different systems per customer, which was time-consuming
and cumbersome. Radical offered the company a service-oriented call logging
functionality, and efficient workflow management capability across its
client base, which includes large, call-heavy companies such as Spar,
Ster-Kinekor, Imperial Car Hire and Computicket.
"Through Radical we will better manage the logging of our clients' calls, be
able to track and monitor call status, and improve our workflow processes,
such as the planning of pilots and subsequent rollouts of the Nomad product
to clients," says Mark Fouche, technical director at Nomad Information
Fouche added one of the most attractive aspects of Radical was its
"Radical's ability to change according to the dynamic needs of Nomad is a
considerable advantage for us, and with time we will be able to maintain the
solution ourselves."
DVT business unit manager Stephen Groenewald said the short timeframe of the
Radical rollout, ability to integrate with its customer's call logging
solutions, together with the long-term cost benefits of the software,
clinched the deal for Nomad.
"Radical also offers rich, flexible, service-oriented functionality on a
stable Microsoft platform with more than 700 users across Africa. It
provides CRM across the operations of any organisation," says Groenewald.