XON, the black-empowered ICT services and solutions company, has achieved
APC Certified Gold Partner status.

The new status, bestowed by APC by Schneider Electric, bolsters XON's
infrastructure management division that supplies turnkey copper, fibre optic
and electrical infrastructure, primarily for telecommunications, data,
telephony applications and server rooms.
"APC is a globally recognised brand and leader in the market for
uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and availability solutions for IT and
communications applications," says Gerhard Dreyer, director of
infrastructure at XON. "Our elevation to Certified Gold Partner status
signifies the depth and breadth of expertise that we can bring to bear on
client infrastructure to ensure premium quality services and the very best
infrastructure management solutions."
XON, established in 1996, recently reported significant growth across its
divisions and several infrastructure deals, supported by the organisation's
national footprint, contributed significantly to that achievement. APC
offers a range of home and home office, small to medium business and
corporate solutions.. It offers a range of network-critical physical
infrastructure protection and availability solutions for server rooms and
data centres, including UPSes, racks, rack PDUs, cooling solutions,
environmental management and other related accessories.
"APC's solutions deliver central management of all switching centres,
environmental monitoring, control of power supply including generators, and
aircon power supplies," says Dreyer. "We link that to access control, which
takes a digital snapshot of the server room's health, including the
temperature, fire suppression system status and more. We also manage energy
supply and reports to determine peak periods and the extent of power use and
all the equipment is environmentally sound, operates within the ambit of the
law and meets all noise emission level requirements."
XON recently deployed this technology across 20 centrally managed sites at
one of the largest municipalities in Gauteng and XON is currently deploying
a similar solution at the State Information Technology Agency (SITA), which
consolidates and coordinates the state's IT resources to achieve cost
savings, improve service delivery and enhance interoperability.
"XON's sound track record makes it a solid addition to the APC by Schneider
Electric business and its notable client base demonstrates its proficiency
and expertise in the infrastructure management field," says Shane Rowan,
reseller development manager at APC by Schneider.
XON met specific criteria to achieve its Certified Gold Partner status, such
as training employees in sales and design consultation and selling APC
InfraStruXure solutions.
The new status gives it access to marketing development funds and APC's
Opportunity Registration Programme, which is part of the APC by Schneider
Electric Certified Partner Programme, introduced to reward channel partners
that generate incremental deals for APC solutions.
XON also gains access to specialised technical resources from APC's local
and global offices.