Specialist IT distributor, Esquire Technologies, has secured the
distribution rights to two new CCTV security product ranges for South
frica  – Dahua Technology and ACunico Security & Surveilllance Equipment.

The distribution agreement will see Esquire distributing a comprehensive
range of CCTV cameras and solutions, including a catalogue of both
stand-alone and PC-based digital video recorder (DVR) solutions, video
servers, speed domes and IP cameras to name but a few.
"Crime and vandalism remains a growing source of anxiety in South Africa
and, in an effort to comprehensively address home and business security
issues, Esquire has brought a reliable range of CCTV options to the South
African market," says Mahomed Cassim, sales & marketing director at Esquire.
Competitively priced, the Dahua and ACunico product ranges offer peace of
mind in the form of solutions that curb instances of house breaking and
As one of the fastest growing distributors in the country, Esquire offers
broad channel representation, an extensive customer base and a defined focus
on delivering only quality products, thereby ensuring quick and targetted
adoption of these security products.
"Dahua Technology's hard and software solutions are all meticulously
designed with high levels of flexibility in mind, which means we can now
offer our channel varying configurations for a growing range of applications
and high levels of scalability," says Cassim.
"The ACunico offering incorporates a broad range of hi-tech CCTV cameras
with over 200 IT CCD, waterproof, dome, box, wireless and zoom camera
models," he adds.
"The two product sets that will be quick to market in South Africa are the
IP and Speed Dome camera offerings, due to their ease of installation and
range of customisation options. With a choice of resolutions, the cameras in
both ranges are available with a choice of optical zoom levels, camera
types, housing and mounting options, which meet almost any installation or
application requirements.
"Overall, these distribution agreements gives us access to a considerable
range of DVR solutions, cameras, network keyboards, decoding cards and even
network videoservers,  which means that Esquire can now offer a total
security and surveillance range to suit different needs and budgets," he