Oracle has announced the new Oracle CRM On Demand Integration to Siebel CRM,
a comprehensive, prebuilt integration that creates a single customer view
across on-demand and on-premise CRM deployments.

Oracle provides a holistic view of the sales pipeline for sales and
executive managers and the ability to perform analytics against it by
synchronizing key customer data from Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle's
Siebel CRM.
This integration helps companies that need on-premise functionality for deep
industry and process-centric CRM and fast, easy-to-use on-demand CRM for
remote offices and mobile sales and marketing professionals.
Based on Oracle's standards-based Oracle Application Integration
Architecture and Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle CRM On Demand Integration
to Siebel CRM reduces integration risk and helps solve the data silo problem
through prebuilt integration between on-premise and on-demand CRM.
Oracle CRM On Demand Integration to Siebel CRM enables customers to use
fewer IT resources than custom integrations because it is prebuilt and
designed for rapid deployment.Customers can immediately begin supporting
multiple Oracle CRM On Demand instances with the choice of on-demand,
on-premise or both integrated together.
With a single customer view, Oracle CRM On Demand Integration to Siebel CRM
provides organizations using Siebel CRM with the flexibility to easily
integrate features of on-demand CRM to quickly add new sales users for new
divisions, geographies or product lines.
As business requirements evolve, organisations can synchronize customer data
in real time, administer integration at the transaction level and leverage
Siebel CRM data quality management tools.
"The debut of Oracle CRM On Demand Integration to Siebel CRM is an
industry-defining step, allowing organizations to quickly and effectively
realize the benefits of an integrated CRM system," says Oracle senior
vice-president of CRM Anthony Lye. "The deep functionality of on-premise CRM
and the rapid deployment and ease-of-use capabilities of on-demand CRM are
now powerfully combined for organisations to extract even further value from
their Oracle investments."