Preserv8, an e-mail archive retention and unified messaging platform developed by Integr8 IS, an associate company within the Integr8 Group, has emerged as the first e-mail archiving "Software plus Services", independent software vendor certified product.

Deon Robertson, CEO at Integr8 IS, confirms this latest accreditation from Microsoft and its impact on the continuing growth of the solution in the local software application delivery market.
"Software plus services is a major drive from Microsoft. It represents the future of information and communication technology for those companies that do not want to own infrastructure, but simply use the functionality to reinforce the business," says Robertson.
"Instead of customers buying software and hardware to install and run on site, employing additional IT staff to look after the same, the client simply buys the service. In this case Preserv8 allows the customer to pay per mailbox per month (opex) instead of buying and owning the infrastructure (capex)."
David Ives, director for development and platform strategy team at Microsoft, adds: "Software plus Services is gaining market acceptance as the business model just makes sense. For our customers, it represents a simpler way to procure and use IT Services. For Microsoft partners, it is way to scale their solutions without having complicated installation and support challenges.
"Microsoft South Africa is proud of the work South Africa partners like Integr8 IS are doing and their opportunity to take this product internationally. This demonstrates that SA IT development companies still have what it takes to complete in both the local and global software economy."
The Microsoft Independent Software Vendor certification adds credibility to the solution adds Robertson. "Microsoft has put it (the product) through its paces and signed it off as fit for purpose. Preserv8 happens to be the only product certified for software plus services, and this status also clearly delineates Preserv8 as the only certified product completely built on, and integrated to the Microsoft platform."
Testing was conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies.
Robertson and the management team at Integr8 IS refer to the IDC prediction which states that Software as a Service will be worth $10,7-billion by 2009.
"There are a number of clear benefits to this service delivery model," he adds. "And this is important given the prediction in growth within this marketplace.
"Primarily the advantages to operators include the offer of enhanced management and administration, as well as key benefits such as automatic updates, compatibility and easer collaboration. This equates to significant and sustainable value-add within the organisation," he says.
At the same time Robertson underlines the current status of Preserv8TM as the first e-mail archiving and retention solution with this accreditation, globally.