Annex Distribution has announced a fresh new look to its product profile and line-up of global brands as the Sahara Group acts on its decision to streamline its subsidiaries.

In line with the moves, Sahara will focus on its role as a manufacturer and brand, shifting distribution operations and its end product under the Annex Distribution umbrella.
The change to the company's offering will see a much broader scope of solutions being made available as new brands, such as Sahara, are amalgamated into the fold.
Bill Gradwell, director at Annex Distribution, comments: "Annex Distribution has been meticulous in its approach to securing partnerships with established, reputable technology vendors.
"We have focused on bringing to the market solutions that add value, we have steadily evolved our offering and service capability to reflect changes in industry and meet the needs of our growing market segment. This strategy has materialised into elevating the profile of our distribution operation and setting the company
on a new direction with the same mission and vision – only closer," he says.
Gradwell confirms stock of server, storage and desktop solutions from Fujitsu Siemens Computers, expansion on the notebook range (with full capacity to cover and support 'special build' requests) and complete coverage and supply of product across the entire spectrum of users.
This complements the company's principle line up of the latest in mobile and wireless solutions as well as corporate networking and hardware. Resellers now have the opportunity to engage with representatives from Annex and retail in digital lifestyle product.
This includes high definition LCD monitors, gaming PCs, and audio/visual peripheral devices and components.
"We have paid a lot of attention to our go-to-market strategy around the value range, specifically with regard to entry level Celeron, for example," says Gradwell. "However, with the increase in capacity and offering, we will add momentum to our contribution to the mid-to-high end of the market.
"There is certainly an interest in entry-level notebook offerings and the ability to enhance capacity, we believe this trend will continue for some time. Additionally the tablet solution is attracting renewed interest and we are exploring possibilities of adding more products to our range."