HP has added new hardware, software and service offerings to its client virtualisation portfolio, helping customers achieve greater reliability, security and manageability of end-user computing.

HP introduced four thin clients – each featuring a new elegant and durable industrial design – that offer more secure access to any virtual client environment. In addition, HP is expanding its support of Citrix XenDesktop with new HP Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and blade PC solutions. The company is also delivering the HP ProLiant xw460c, a new blade workstation with a graphics expansion blade.
"At HP we are rethinking client architectures from the perspective of the customer – creating client virtualisation solutions that help meet their needs for improved manageability, security and flexibility," says Ivan Barnard, Personal Solutions Group sales technical consultant at HP.
"Today's announcement expands our broad portfolio of integrated client virtualisation solutions and makes them easier for customers to deploy, operate and maintain."
The HP client virtualisation portfolio includes server-based computing solutions, HP VDI, blade PCs and blade workstations. It is the industry's most comprehensive portfolio to share a common set of centralised management and resource allocation tools spanning the desktop to the data centre for maximum simplicity. All of these virtual computing resources can also be accessed using more secure and reliable HP thin clients, and are complemented by innovative multimedia and brokering software tools that help extend the user experience.
"As the number of new virtualisation solutions hit market, there is confusion among companies about what virtualisation technologies they should hang their hat on to solve their critical business pain points," says Mark Bowker, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.
"With complete, end-to-end virtualisation solutions and services, deep partnerships with industry leaders, and integrated manageability across a broad range solutions, HP is well positioned to be a one-stop shop for customers to easily build and manage all of their virtualisation needs."

Easier, affordable and more secure HP thin clients

Ready to run right out of the box, HP thin clients provide more secure and reliable access to any client virtualisation solution. With no moving parts or local hard drive, HP thin clients require little to no maintenance, keep critical business data in the safety of the data centre, and can reduce energy consumption by as much as 60 percent over a traditional PC when used in a virtualised client environment.
The new HP thin clients feature HP DuraFinish, an attractive, scratch-resistant surface that protects the finish from normal wear and tear, to help keep the client looking newer, longer.
Expected in October, the new systems also provide an enhanced user experience through expanded multimedia features, enhanced brokering capabilities, greater performance and expanded management support.
The HP t5145 Thin Client manages and supports efficient Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) network connections to virtual environments. Featuring the HP ThinConnect operating system, it can be used in an idle mode that keeps all settings secured in the data centre until the user logs on.
The HP t5540 Thin Client offers connectivity to Microsoft Windows, mainframes and basic web applications, as well as terminal emulation, dual-monitor and widescreen support for task-oriented workers. The Windows CE-based t5540 is designed for more secure and convenient access to traditional Terminal Services/Citrix solutions, HP VDI, blade PCs and workstations.
The HP t5545 Thin Client provides access to Windows, Citrix application delivery infrastructure, mainframes, midrange servers, Unix/Linux hosts and web applications. The HP ThinPro operating system, Firefox browser, terminal emulation, native dual-monitor support and support for the most common brokers make this ideal for mainstream business use.
The HP t5630 Thin Client features Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating system combined with a full-featured browser, Add/Remove Programs utility, Enhanced Write Filter, Symantec Endpoint Protection, and terminal emulation, native dual-monitor and widescreen support. It is the optimum choice for business environments requiring a cost-effective thin client with flexibility and power.

Citrix XenDesktop deployments
HP is expanding its portfolio of HP VDI and blade PC solutions with new products and services based on Citrix XenDesktop. HP VDI with Citrix XenDesktop is based on HP ProLiant iVirtualisation featuring Citrix XenServer.
HP ProLiant iVirtualisation lets customers start up a virtualised platform in minutes straight out of the box, eliminating tedious set-up tasks.
HP ProLiant servers with the HP integrated Citrix XenServer include the ProLiant Virtual Console, which gives console access to every virtual machine (up to nine at once) along with a single-server configuration and set-up wizard.
HP VDI with Citrix XenDesktop will be available in Standard, Advanced and Enterprise editions, and is designed to enable everything from smaller, entry-level implementations to enterprise-wide desktop delivery.
Customers can also choose Microsoft Hyper-V as the hypervisor component for the VDI solution and still get all the desktop delivery benefits of XenDesktop. The new solution joins HP's VDI portfolio, which also includes solutions based on VMware software.
New VDI Services supporting Citrix XenDesktop will help customers assess the requirements to build a strategy around and determine the business value of a virtualised desktop environment. These services enable customers to implement the right solution and provide a smooth and rapid transition to virtualisation.
Additionally, customers can purchase and receive support from HP for all components of the solution, including virtualisation-ready HP ProLiant and HP BladeSystem servers, HP StorageWorks storage, management, virtualisation software, and HP thin client access devices.
These services provide efficient, ongoing operations, freeing up staff to focus on business innovation.
HP blade PCs and thin clients are verified "Citrix Ready" for use within Citrix XenDesktop environments. HP blade PCs provide end users a one-to-one connection with a dedicated blade PC located in the data centre, delivering an optimal computing experience at radically improved economics for knowledge workers who require a broad range of application support and a rich graphics experience.
The expansion of XenDesktop support across HP's client virtualisation offerings provides customers an even more flexible and streamlined architecture for users working from remote locations, and helps ensure high-speed application delivery across a virtual infrastructure. It also helps ensure compatibility and support across the portfolio.

Next-generation workstation infrastructure
For power computing users, the HP ProLiant xw460c Blade Workstation provides more secure, easily managed data centre workstation computing for the financial trading, public sector, mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD), and oil and gas segments.
Further expanding the graphics capability of HP's blade workstation offerings, the xw460c now supports the full range of graphics capability from the professional 2D NVIDIA Quadro FX 770M graphics (up to 4-display support per blade), the midrange NVIDIA FX 3600M graphics and the high end NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 PCIe graphics. The high end graphics take advantage of HP's new Graphics Expansion Blade, which allows the latest PCIe workstation graphics cards to be used by HP Blade Workstation customers.
These new graphics capabilities combined with expanded memory footprint support (for up to 64 gigabytes per blade) and enhanced HP Remote Graphics Software performance enables customers to visualise large models with uncompromised workstation-class performance.