HP today announced new Business Technology Optimisation (BTO) software for virtualisation to help customers minimise business service risk and lower costs.

In addition, the company announced a strategic agreement with Red Hat to jointly develop integrated solutions that simplify the monitoring and management of heterogeneous IT environments.
Virtualisation presents unique management challenges for customers due to the increased complexity and dynamic nature of virtual environments. Furthermore, the proliferation of virtual machines can lead to performance degradation.
To address these problems, HP's new Business Service Management (BSM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) virtualisation capabilities optimise the performance of virtual infrastructures, balance the ratio of physical to virtual machines, and ensure appropriate control of virtual machine environments.
In addition, building on HP's automated configuration management virtualisation solutions, the ITSM solution helps customers control costs and provide increased visibility into data centre resources.
"Infrastructure boundaries are becoming more ambiguous, and the addition of virtual machines (VMs) to data centres already leveraging other virtualisation technologies, such as storage area networks, virtual LANs and so on, can make knowing where the problem exists harder to identify and possibly remediate, resulting in higher costs and potential impacts to service quality," says Cameron Haight, industry analyst at Gartner.

New HP BTO Software virtualisation offerings
New HP BTO Software virtualisation capabilities are now available through HP Operations Centre, HP Business Availability Centre, HP Network Management Centre, and HP Service Management Centre. Unlike specialty tools that only monitor either physical or virtual environments, HP solutions manage across both environments.
* HP Operations Agent, HP Performance Agent and HP SiteScope – New enhancements add hypervisor management capabilities. For example, the ability to collect management data from all key virtual machine hypervisors, and then use that data to automate event and availability monitoring and management processes across heterogeneous infrastructures.
* HP Network Node Manager i-series – Monitors performance and availability of networks supporting dynamic virtualised environments. In addition, these products allow proactive planning and monitoring of network capacity, as well as network interface cards, for virtualised environments.
* HP Asset Manager – Allows customers to identify and manage virtual machine inventory and licenses, so they can plan for future resource allocations while reducing costs.
With HP solutions unifying the management of both virtual and physical technology environments, customers can now experience comprehensive service monitoring, faster problem isolation and more reliable application diagnostics. In addition, companies can consolidate, simplify and standardise traditional and virtual technology assets.

New collaboration with Red Hat
Building on strategic collaborations with VMware and Microsoft, HP Software will also work with Red Hat on joint product development and integration efforts to help customers seamlessly automate the management of heterogeneous environments, including management of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform.
"Virtualisation technology delivers a quantum step in IT operational flexibility, speed of deployment, and application performance and availability. Virtualisation allows IT managers to deliver more to their customers while gaining control of their costs," says Katrinka McCallum, vice-president: Management Solutions at Red Hat.
"We look forward to working with HP Software to develop new solutions to meet the needs of our joint customers."
Lenor Kerrigan: TSG Software Business Manager at HP, adds: "Through HP's new BSM product offerings, customers can gain control over increased complexity and management costs. This is especially important with 98% of IT environments utilising virtualisation platform solutions from multiple vendors.
"Existing HP customers can continue to leverage the industry's leading distributed systems management products in order to gain greater visibility and control of heterogeneous virtual and physical environments."