ChessCube, the Cape Town-based international chess web site, is launching its interactive instuction video service with a targeted pay-per-click campaign.

The site delivers over a Terabyte of data per month to about 122 000 users.
However, with Google turning up more then 3-million search results for online chess web sites, ChessCube needed to find a way to differentiate itself from competitors.
Online chess has historically had a massive following and four-time South African chess champion and founder of, Mark Levitt, says quickly made its mark.
"We started in 2006 and have quickly grown our users. Technology developments in interactivity as well as graphics have made the game a firm favourite among our global userbase," he says.
"We are now looking for a more targeted campaign to attract the kind of users who are looking for a more personalised and application-rich chess experience."
Chesscube recently launched Chess Cinema which is an interactive, synchronised chess game with commentary from guest lecturers from all over the world. This premium service also allows users to produce their own games and post them to the web site.
Clicks2Customers will be working with Chesscube to deliver a targeted campaign which will differentiate the site from its competitors and reach users who may not have heard of Chess Cinema and other new features.
"We have developed a campaign of around 1-million search terms," says Jonathan Gluckman, Clicks2Customers new business director. "We are also carefully monitoring the performance and adjusting the tactics to create a more dynamic campaign."
The site is hosted in multiple countries to ensure failsafe, realtime delivery. Although the development company is based in South Africa, local bandwidth constraints has necessitated that much of the server capacity resides outside the country's borders.
The site is also gearing up for the World Chess Championship 2008 between the the current champion, Viswanathan Anand, and the previous World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik.
The match will take place in Bonn, between 14 October and 2 November this year and Chesscube will be making use of Chess Cinema to allow users to view the matches with realtime commentary from a number of grandmasters.