As the printer marketplace continuous to gain maturity incorporating office
automation and on-the-fly networked environments, so do its customers' whose
needs have become diverse and business specific. In this light, Drive
Control Corporation (DCC) has introduced its Printer Consulting Service
aimed at HP Preferred Partners and their end user customers.

The consulting service complements DCC's status as the only distributor of
HP printers and consumables, offering important guidance on total cost of
ownership (TCO) and estimated consumables usage which in turn enables
resellers to provide end users with the correct solutions tailored to meet
their immediate needs while future-proofing investment.
DCC has also employed Robin Lloyd as pre-sales technical specialist to
strengthen its printer solution consultancy. With a background in office
automation, Lloyd will provide resellers with expert advice on cost per page
and TCO enabling resellers to offer the right printers for the right
"In a typical scenario we conduct an analysis of a client's environment and
their printer requirements for the business.  Following the analysis our
team is able to assist resellers in selecting the correct printer while also
providing information on TCO that encompass cost per page and consumables
thus providing an overall budgeting figure," explains Esna-May Hattingh, HP
printer product specialist at DCC.
The benefits of the above are twofold – for one the best solution is
installed while also enabling the customer to budget accordingly, secondly
DCC is now a one-stop-shop to its resellers offering printers and
consumables as well as consulting services.
Forming part of the consulting services, Lloyd will assist with call site
orders. Essentially he will provide assistance on big projects such as
setting-up HP's WebJet Admin management software which is used in MFP
(multi-functional printer) environments allocating functions such as
user-specific colour printing and cartridge and device maintenance.
Hattingh explains: "For example, the software will alert an administrator
when the cartridge will shortly need replacing."
In addition to the printer consulting service, DCC has also employed an
additional resource as an HP CarePack specialist.  This resource is
dedicated to looking after HP's extended warrantee business which includes
various service levels and response times, all tailored to clients' needs.
"Inline with the value-add that the consulting service provides our
resellers, DCC has also introduced enhancements to its DOA (dead on arrival)
service now. If a printer or cartridge is faulty upon delivery, DCC will now
swap the product out or credit the purchaser, vastly improving turnaround