Micros South Africa, a provider of point of sale and hospitality  solutions,
has seen a significant improvement in the operations of its
Johannesburg-based contact centre that includes the intelligent management
of calls and resultant enhanced services since partnering with KSS
Technologies (KSS).

The company which essentially features four contact centres in one,
servicing its Micros (point of sale solution); Opera ( property management
solution focused on the hospitality industry), Fidelio (older version of
Opera) and CLS (another property management solution) products had been
struggling with call visibility.
"We had no visibility of our calls and could not determine how many were
coming in, how many callers were waiting in the queue, the duration of each
call and which calls were abandoned," explains Hylton Proctor-Parker, Micros
Support Operations Manager at Micros  South Africa.
As a result of the above challenges, Micros Fidelio decided to upgrade its
contact centre infrastructure, partnering with KSS who recommended, supplied
and implemented Cisco's latest Unified Communications Manager CallManager
6.1 (an upgrade from CallManager 4.2), IP Contact Center Express (IPCC) 5
(an upgrade from IPCC 4) and the Datavoice's Libra Voice Recording solution.
The solution which took a relatively short period to install, with minimal
disruption, now services Micros South Africa's 60 contact centre agents as
well as 200 users countrywide.
Looking at the products, CallManager 6.1 is a software-based call-processing
system which tracks all active VoIP network components; these include
phones, gateways and conference bridges. The IPCC Express 5 solution offers
automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), and
computer telephony integration (CTI) on a single platform.
Additionally, the Libra Voice Recording solution provides fail-safe
recording of all voice transactions for legal purposes which minimises risk,
quality assurance and training or productivity measurement in contact
"The new system provides Micros South Africa and more importantly the
contact centre with the visibility they need.  With the integration of a
dashboard for example, they can now determine how many agents are logged on;
how many calls have been dropped and importantly, how were the calls
handled – in a simple and easy to interpret viewing format," explains Lyn
Andrews, sales executive at KSS.
"Moreover, due the to the system's intelligent design, calls can be moved
over – after a certain time period – to Micros agents if the Opera contact
centre is busy. This regulates the workload ensuring calls are not abandoned
but readily attended to.
Adds Proctor-Parker: "The Libra Voice Recording solution now allows us to
manage our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as agent response and
etiquette; improve quality assurance; and – from a legal perspective –
mitigates risk as we can ensure that all our calls are recorded for
reference and referral purposes.
"Also, we can now intelligently determine how many calls were dropped,
investigate why this occurred and rectify it accordingly. This improves the
efficiency of our contact centre and overall service delivery.
"Furthermore, as a result of the system we have been able to restructure our
contact centres, configuring them in a way that enables the agents to attend
to calls in the most effective manner possible."
Due to the systems dynamic and automated nature, a voice recording will now
tell customers what number they are in the queue and how long they will be
holding on for before being attended to.
"This can also be changed according to the needs of the contact centres,
shortening the time period until calls are moved over to the next team –
dynamically adapting the infrastructure according to the amount of calls and
so forth," says Chris Kok, project manager at KSS.
Proctor-Parker concludes, "The solution has allowed us to create a contact
centre infrastructure that supports our clients in an intelligent, efficient
manager. This ultimately improves our service delivery, providing us with a
competitive advantage."