NetWorker Fast Start, a tailored version of EMC's NetWorker software, is now
distributed through Channel Data's network of resellers.

According to Mike Hamilton, Channel Data MD, NetWorker Fast Start is
targeted at small to medium size businesses (SMBs). It enables these
companies to implement enterprise-class backup software that previously may
have been beyond their reach from a budget perspective.
"NetWorker Fast Start is functionally equivalent to EMC's renowned NetWorker
offering," says Hamilton. "We can confirm that the only technical difference
between the two packages is the installation wizard provided for Fast
Currently Channel Data is offering the package with a 'one-day installation'
promise along with the ability to add any of NetWorker's next-generation
capabilities as they appear on the market.
"Once installed, NetWorker Fast Start gives users the same performance and
access to NetWorker's capabilities that NetWorker's enterprise customers
enjoy," he says.
"What's more, Fast Start provides investment protection because it is
capable of expanding to meet requirements for comprehensive,
high-performance backup and recovery well into the future."
Networker Fast Start features include:
* Global data de-duplication;
* VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) and de-duplication backups;
* Replication management;
* Continuous data protection (CDP);
* Backup analytics; and
* Disk library media management.