Advantage Asset Managers, a multi-manager asset management firm, has
implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the management of its sales, service
and marketing activities.

Microsoft Gold Certified partners, IS Partners, was responsible for the
implementation of the solution, which will address the service and
performance requirements of Advantage's various business units.
Previously, Advantage Asset Managers shared information via its network,
while regular meetings ensured information could be collated and verified.
This did not offer integration capabilities as much of the information was
stored and amended on personal computers.
"This prompted Advantage Asset Managers to look to a solution that could
provide centralised access to current information as well as a central
management system of that information," says Neelan Pillay, Head of IT and
Project Delivery at Advantage.
The company has three distinct business lines, explains Heath Turner, CRM
director at IS Partners. Multi-Manager Products provides services to small
and medium sized corporate and retirement fund investors, Multi-Manager
Solutions provides customised products and services to large corporate and
retirement fund investors, while Multi-Manager Administration provides
services to Advantage's other business units as well as third party clients.
Turner adds that the CRM solution will ensure improved efficiencies across
the organisation, and meet Advantage's requirement for the solution to be up
and running within a very short timeframe.
Advantage's key business objectives are to support the current main sales
and service processes, provide a uniform and consistent view of information
and provide key reports and roadmaps.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been selected as the solution that all business
units will use to manage sales, service and marketing activities. The
initial requirement is to configure the sales and service modules to meet
Advantages short term requirements.
The solution had to meet Advantage's requirements in each of its core
business areas, says Turner. "Centralised and consistent data will assist
Advantage in meeting its objectives of cutting-edge investment research
capabilities and tools that ensure informed decisions for investors, while
also supporting the company's core investment expertise."
Advantage also has a number of teams responsible for providing services for
client and asset administration, accounting, reporting as well as technical
and pricing.
"Microsoft CRM will deliver improved performance across Advantage's service
teams through enhanced reporting and search features, an improved user
interface as well as query and case tracking capabilities," Turner adds.
"We selected IS Partners for the solution implementation due to their
ability to meet a tight implementation timeline, experience in the
implementation of CRM systems and, in particular, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,
the implementation approach, CRM resources within the organisation and the
ability to meet our future requirements," Pillay adds.