British Airways' application for the new Apple App Store has seen massive uptake that exceeds expectations. It's being accessed by up to 3 000 people a day worldwide and, in the first month, UK users alone exceeded 15 000.

These statistics underline the importance of accessible travel information on the move and the readiness of consumers to utilise the functionality of new technologies.
The application allows users to access real-time departure and arrival information for updates if catching a flight or picking someone up. It also contains full BA timetable information and enables access through to
Chris Carmichael, of BA's innovations team, says: "Customer reviews on the Apple App Store site have been great and they have given us lots of ideas for the future.
"We knew there was an appetite for this application and the take-up figures have been very impressive. The statistics underline which technology tools really make a difference to customers in making travel that much easier."