Digital Mall  has partnered with FNB to offer customers Cell Pay Point, FNB's new online payment solution.

Cell Pay Point is a payment solution that allows FNB consumers registered for cellphone banking to buy goods online and pay immediately via their mobile phone and have the funds deducted directly from any of their FNB transactional accounts.
According to Yaron Assabi, CEO of Digital Mall, the benefit of this FNB payment option is that it does not require the customer to disclose any personal or banking details online.
This, added to the fact that customers now have the option of using both credit and debit card accounts to make an online payment, make it a more accessible solution for the market.
"Certainly for us, the added payments benefits we can offer our customers are attractive. However, the most advantageous part of this offering is that when a user utilises the FNB Cell Pay Point offering, our funds are guaranteed and therefore risk of repudiation is reduced for us as a merchant.
"FNB took a bold step in defining an innovative way in which to capitalise on the high market penetration of the mobile phone and compliment this with their service offering, to create a more instant delivery mechanism for purchasing goods when dealing with local vendors via a simple and powerful tool – your phone," adds Assabi.
The growth of the online retail market is positive and South African shoppers are starting to demand international standards and compete on a global level.
"When examining the launch of our Cell Pay Point solution, we identified key merchants and groups that we felt represented strong brands within the market," says Len Pienaar, CEO of FNB Mobile and Transact Solutions.
"Digital Mall was selected within the Digital Solutions Group, as the group carries strong brands that are well recognised and as a new product entering the market, the goal was to partner with recognisable brands to maximise customer awareness."
Over the last few years the Internet has taken its place beside the telephone and television as an integral part of people's lives, and this is indicative of the growth of online retailers locally.
"Today, consumers increasingly use the Internet to shop, bank, trade and invest online, and now they have the option of purchasing goods via the Web using their phone.
"This ease of use and convenience offered by the FNB Cell Pay Point solution, coupled with the foresight of a solution likes this, is what is required in our market to ensure ongoing growth and an enhanced digital experience into the future," concludes Assabi.