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TallyGenicom TG Forms helps eliminate paper waste


TallyGenicom has announced the addition of its TG Forms solution across its
professional laser printer portfolio. The move is the first time a printer
manufacturer has provided such powerful integrated forms functionality at no
additional cost.

Historically, every time a company changed its telephone number, company
logo or office address, several reams of often-expensive pre-printed
stationary would become instantly obsolete and would have to be thrown away.
With fears of the environmental impact, TallyGenicom aimed to develop a
standard, integrated solution that would put a stop to this needless waste
of paper.
TG Forms was developed to not only combat this environmental issue, but also
the capital expense concerns in the current economic climate. Unlike pricey
server-based solutions that require specific hardware and software packages,
TG Forms enables business to not only keep their legacy systems but
future-proof them for later software generations.
Whatever the data source, TG Forms' intelligent functionality uses a number
of triggers and traps that can be set by the administrator to ensure that is
the correct form is used. If any subsequent changes need to be made to the
form, it is a simple process, i.e. one click, to edit and distribute them
across the entire printer network.
"Whether you are using Oracle, SAP or even Unix, TG Forms doesn't
discriminate, but will simply take the raw data and input it into the
relevant sections of the pre-saved form," explains TallyGenicom SA's
director, Peter Vieira.
"TG Forms enables businesses to unlock potential revenue streams in their
data by tailoring marketing messages across the variety of customer
touch-points provided by printed material. Using a laser printer to print
them allows for a greater complexity of graphics and barcodes to be added.
Whilst we are the market leader in Line Impact printers, which historically
were the printer of choice for form printing, we can now offer businesses an
alternative solution should laser be more effective in specific customer
scenarios," adds Vieira.
"Through TG Forms we can help business reach their true potential by
simplifying a number of central processes, whilst helping them achieve their
environmental goals through eliminating paper wastage," concluded Vieira.
"It should be remembered that a huge benefit can be derived in SA from this
solution for companies that do consolidated printing from centralised
locations. Bandwidth in SA is very expensive and by only sending text files
to the printer, not only is speed vastly improved but as print-files are a
fraction of the size, other cost savings can be realised. The same would
also apply to internal network traffic."