Xerox has released ScanFlowStore, software that allows users to scan
hard-copy documents and send them to multiple destinations, such as network
servers, document management solutions, e-mail addresses or financial
accounting packages such as Microsoft Great Plains.

The software, developed by X-Solutions, a Xerox Business Partner, also
connects with legal practice and financial management software packages such
as Thomson Elite ProLaw, and scanned files are saved as text-searchable
PDFs, making hard-copy documents easy to find on a network server.
"Archives have become more accessible in the digital era, but developing a
transparent digital archive can take a lot of effort with scanning paper
documents on a specific PC attached to a scanner with a trained operator,"
says Grant Long, software product manager at Bytes Document Solutions, sole
authorised distributor of Xerox products and solutions to 24 African
countries. "It takes a lot of time and there's no guarantee that the scanned
documents are correctly stored and easily retrievable."
ScanFlowStore makes it is possible to scan documents directly from a Xerox
multifunction machine. All documents can be digitised without having to
install software on local PCs since ScanFlowStore runs on a central server.
In addition, it is a middleware application, which means that the user does
not see the software when working with it, which means they do not need to
be trained.
The product makes it possible for office workers to scan documents and
select from any of 250 folder destinations on Windows networks to which the
documents are stored by the month in which they are created. They can also
e-mail the documents to several users and print them to remote locations.
The product can read many standard barcode fonts that is useful for batch
scanning and to eliminate manual user data entry at the multifunction
device. Barcode separation allows sheet batch scanning. Batches are
separated into multiple documents based on the location of the barcode and
each document can then be routed to a destination or uniquely named based on
the value contained in the barcode.
ScanFlowStore creates PDFs that are 100% text-searchable and they can also
be scanned directly into the Xerox DocuShare document management solution.
Office workers can also enter additional information using the WorkCentre
Pro touch screen to index invoices and any other type of document in the
correct collection.
That capability means that workers will be able to start a workflow with a
scanned document or receive an e-mail notification and gain additional
search functions.