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Integrated platform ups compliance, reduces costs


Novell has launched a new platform designed to help customers with the critical business challenges of meeting compliance mandates and securing their IT infrastructure.

Enterprises today are faced with the complexity of meeting stringent compliance requirements and protecting their businesses from internal and external security threats, even while IT security spending continues to increase unchecked. Balancing the need to support rapidly growing compliance requirements with the reality of shrinking budgets, the Novell Compliance Management Platform is the industry's most comprehensive solution to help organisations monitor network events and remedy violations as they occur.
"Defending against increasing security threats and meeting compliance requirements in a complex and heterogeneous IT environment are two of the biggest challenges faced by today's enterprises," says Lori Rowland, senior analyst at Burton Group. "Many businesses are struggling to meet compliance mandates or are meeting them only by utilising inefficient, costly and time consuming techniques that have to be repeated at each audit.
"Companies require automated solutions and enforced business governance to improve security, streamline daily IT processes, and make the process of an audit more efficient and successful."
To combat security threats and maintain compliance with the myriad of internal and external audit requirements, many organisations have implemented various user provisioning, access control and Web access management systems.
Despite the efficiencies in deploying these systems, businesses are realising they have created silos of policy and security data that often require manual review to prove compliance.
The Novell Compliance Management Platform allows organisations to seamlessly integrate provisioning and access management policy with security monitoring to not only tie security to identity information, but also automatically detect, report on and remediate inappropriate and suspicious activities in real-time.
It offers many features designed to decrease deployment costs, lower total cost of ownership and dramatically reduce the time required to utilise provisioning, access management and security solutions. It improves governance and security by enabling common access policies across all identity repositories and provides automated validation of preset business rules. The Compliance Management Platform automatically logs all network activity and delivers compliance reports in an audit-ready format.
Consisting of a prepackaged set of products and integration resources, the Compliance Management Platform delivers all the necessary technology to accurately monitor and demonstrate compliance levels. The products and modules are integrated into a single platform to offer a seamless solution, but also work well as individual products in a mixed-vendor IT environment.
The Compliance Management Platform includes:
* Identity-driven security and information event monitoring – The only solution to closely tie identity to security and event monitoring, the Compliance Management Platform offers an identity tracking solution pack for Novell Sentinel that includes an integrated set of Sentinel correlation rules, reports and associated content to add identity visibility and tracking to validate compliance with company policy.
* Latest versions of Novell's identity and security management solutions – Products included in the platform are Novell Identity Manager 3.6 for user provisioning, roles based access control and password management; Novell Sentinel 6.1 for real-time security and event monitoring; and Novell Access Manager 3.0 for Web access management.
* Indispensable identity management tools – Novell Designer for Identity Manager allows customers to more quickly realise the value of the Compliance Management Platform and deploy policies intuitively in a business context without the necessity of coding or scripting.
* Identity resource kit – Identity Manager Resource Kit 1.2 is a culmination of Novell's years of experience and vast knowledge deploying identity and security solutions to nearly 6,000 customers globally. It is an out-of-the-box set of provisioning policies, documentation, success practices and guides designed to reduce implementation costs and accelerate the deployment of business solutions.
"The Novell Compliance Management Platform is designed for enterprises that have to successfully pass compliance audits, assure the integrity of their IT infrastructure and demonstrate that their business policies are being enforced and implemented," says Jim Ebzery, senior vice-president and GM of Identity and Security Management at Novell.
"The platform integrates provisioning, access and security policies and real-time remediation to help organisations automate business processes and validate compliance."