HP is continuing its focus on the burgeoning virtualisation market and has announced the release of a new blade server specifically optimised for virtualisation.

Current Infrastructure along with today's server blades simply aren't designed for virtualisation, so HP has built one.  The HP ProLiant BL495c virtualisation blade is the world’s first server blade designed specifically to host virtual machines (VM).
The BL495c is the ideal platform for virtualised environments that require significant memory, data storage and network connections to optimize server performance.  
The new HP offerings are designed to lower costs, mitigate the risk of downtime and free up resources that can drive additional business services to support growth.
“Customers looking to maximise the performance of their virtualised infrastructure have the answer with the BL495c. It was architected and optimized specifically for virtual machines,” says Rory Green, product manager: Industry Standard Servers HP South Africa “with its memory, storage and I/O capabilities, the BL495c is unmatched in the industry and redefines server blades for virtualisation.”
Through the flexibility it offers in storage, I/O and memory, the BL495c helps customers free up data centre rack space by eliminating the need for two-processor servers earmarked to host virtual machines.
In addition, by combining the 495c with HP’s Virtual Connect networking technology, customers can quickly expand network connections along with storage capacity, reducing storage area network connection costs up to 65%.
The BL495c accelerates the implementation and maximizes the performance of virtualised servers. Key components include:
* 16 memory slots for up to 128 GB capacity – two times more than the Dell M605 and IBM’s LS21.
*  Supports ultra-fast and reliable solid state drives that use less than two watts of power – the first HP blade to do so.
* Expands to terabytes of disk capacity per server quickly with more storage options than typical blade servers.
* Built-in iVirtualisation for VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix simplifies tedious set-up tasks for easier creation of virtual servers.
* Faster memory and network access via Dual AMD HypertransportTM links – the only blade on the market with this feature.