Pinnacle Video Capture for Mac is a fast, simple way to transfer analogue video from a camcorder or any other source to a Mac in an iPod-native
format, bringing home videos and TV recordings to Mac.

Videos can be recorded from any analogue source including a camcorder, set-top box, game console or VCR. The hardware MPEG-4 encoder frees up the Mac processor for other tasks videos are added automatically to iTunes,ready to sync with an iPod or Apple TVT. Connection to the Mac is achieved via a USB 2.0 or 1.1 port.
Pinnacle TV for Mac Hybrid Stick 330e is the easy way to turn your Mac into a full featured TV and PVR with remote control. Users can watch, record and TimeShift their favourite programmes on digital or analogue TV on Mac. It consists of a convenient portable antenna and mini remote control.
Pinnacle Video Capture for Mac and Pinnacle TV for Mac DVB-T Stick are now available from Mac retailers countrywide including iStores, Incredible Connection, Project 3 and DigiCape at a recommended retail price of R1 399.95 and R1 499.95 respectively.