Vodacom is the first network in South Africa to offer Voicemail2SMS – a service which enables Vodacom Contract customers to receive their voicemail messages in the form of an SMS.

Contract customers now have a way to constantly stay in touch even when they are not able to take the call. With Voicemail2SMS voicemail messages are converted into an SMS, provided that the voicemail message is left in clearly spoken and audible English.
The converted SMS advises you of who called, with their number, the full message and the date and time. In addition, customers who use Voicemail2SMS still have access to their Voicemail service by dialling 121 as usual.
Voicemail2SMS is simple to use and can be stored for retrieval at a later date, thereby eliminating the need to write down telephone numbers, directions or any set of instructions. Customers with Voicemail2SMS can discreetly retrieve voicemail messages when in meetings or even on the golf course.
In order for voicemail messages to be converted to SMS (text), a voice message deposited in the customer’s voice mailbox is forwarded to the voice-to-text conversion platform, which converts the message into an SMS through an automated system. The recipient of the message will receive a voicemail notification, followed a few seconds later with an SMS displaying the message from the caller.
Voicemail2SMS was launched in September 2007 and is available to Contract customers at a monthly subscription fee of R49.00.