IBM announced its largest launch ever of new storage hardware, software and services that are the building blocks for the world's strongest information infrastructure portfolio.

The new IBM offerings are designed to enable businesses, governments and other institutions to transform static data managed in silos into more dynamic information that is accessible by individuals wherever they go in a cloud computing environment.
As consumers now look to "take their information" with them – improving their healthcare, security, entertainment, social life and consumer experience anytime, around the globe, in real time – businesses are struggling with outdated data centers, which are unable to handle the increased information management demands.
The proliferation of the mobile web, connected sensors everywhere, from cars to pipelines, online medical records, and the explosive growth of Web 2.0 data and social networking, are leading to 16-fold growth in each individual's "information footprint" by 2020, according to IBM. Infrastructures need to adapt today to meet this demand.
In response, IBM today delivered critical elements for an information infrastructure as part of its New Enterprise Data Center strategy. These elements focus on the availability, compliance and retention, and security pain points for clients as they re-design their data centres.
More than 30 new products and services from IBM Systems and Technology Group, IBM Software Group and IBM Research were announced, supporting the information infrastructure pillar of the New Enterprise Data Center strategy.
Coupled with new announcements from the Global Technology Services business, IBM aligns critical storage usage to a clients' direct business priorities, helps them reduce the risk, cost, complexity and planning efforts required for large data migrations, and delivers strategic design and implementation services to target client pain-points.
Through home-grown innovation, development and acquisitions, today's announcement marks a $2-billion investment, three years of research and development, and a global team of more than 2 500 storage technical professionals, engineers and researchers from nine different countries.
Key acquisitions of XIV, Diligent, Cognos, Arsenal, Optim, FilesX, Softek, and NovusCG over the last 24 months add strategic pieces to the strongest ever information infrastructure portfolio of offerings unveiled today.
"The world is re-tooling its underlying IT infrastructure in a dramatic shift away from a decades-old client/server model to a radically more efficient Internet-style architecture. This requires different thinking and new capabilities, which we are addressing in this information infrastructure launch, with our investments going forward, and how IBM will do business with our clients," says Andy Monshaw, GM of IBM System Storage.
"There is no bigger opportunity for our clients than to unlock the value they have in their data centers and help them create smart, innovative offerings to their end users – the consumer. IBM is the only company in the world with decades of research, industry knowledge and market leadership to make this a reality for our clients."
These new tools and offerings for the IBM information infrastructure will allow clients to streamline their data centers with highly integrated storage offerings focused around archive, compliance, retention, and security pain points to help clients deliver information as a service to their customers – the consumers, who are looking for access to information at any time from any device.