iBurst is sweeteing the deal on HSDPA 3.6, offering first-time MyGig One subscribers the higher-speed offering at the price of HSDPA 1.8 for a limited period of four months.

Thereafter, the standard HSDPA 3.6 subscription fee applies for the remainder of the 24-month contract.
"It's up to twice the speed at the same price. This is the Internet equivalent of the soccer mom swopping her station wagon with the Ferrari enthusiast next door," says Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst.
Introduced in June this year, HSDPA 3.6 from Vodacom now complements iBurst's suite of connectivity options which include iBurst Wireless and iBurst ADSL from Telkom.
"The great thing about iBurst offering a host of fixed, wireless and mobile broadband options is that subscribers opting for more than one connectivity option receive one convenient bill. iBurst is also the only service provider to allow subscribers to switch between technologies if the option they originally chose doesn't work for them. Every little bit of simplicity helps in such a complicated age," adds Mtshali.