The original inventor of the iPod – way back in 1979 – has helped the giant computer company fend off copyright claims for a patent holding company – but hasn't received any reward for his invention.

Apple has admitted that Kane Kramer originally patented a media player similar to today's iPod in 1979. The IXI only played 3,5 minutes of music, but its inventor was confident this would improve with new technology.
By 1988, Kramer had run out of money and was unable to renew his worldwide patent, which then went into the public domain – so he isn't entitled to receive money or royalties from any subsequent product based on his design.
However, when Apple was fighting off a claim from Burst, it flew Kramer to California to testify that he was the real inventor of the iPod. Burst and Apple settled out of court.
Kramer has been paid a legal consultancy fee relating to the court case, but no further compensation for his invention.