Broadband provider iBurst has added a new value-added service aimed at helping SMMEs (small, medium and micro enterprises) become operational quickly, affordably and conveniently.

iBurst's Office in a Box provides small businesses with an all-in-one device with router and switchboard functions. The solution provides a combination of broadband and telephony technology which will enable businesses to surf the web and make and receive phone calls.
The end-to-end office solution boasts switchboard features such as voicemail, conference facilities, call waiting, call transfer and more.
Depending on which of the three packages is selected, Office in a Box includes either iBurst or ADSL connectivity, up to two cordless phones, up to two analogue phones, a reception phone, a lightning protection unit, two iCall telephone numbers and R100 worth of free calls. The more technologically inclined will appreciate the inclusion of a router, firewall, 4 Ethernet ports and an integrated WiFi access point.
Subscription to Office in a Box is subject to a once-off installation and delivery fee of R1 500.00 plus a monthly fee dependant on the package selected.
iBurst's partnership with Dial a Nerd ensures that small business owners will receive the kind of professional support usually reserved for their larger counterparts. The installation fee includes three hours of onsite professional installation.