The IBM division at Workgroup has announced the local availability of IBM's Lotus Foundations, a family of software offerings designed specifically for small business owners with limited or no access to technical resources.

"Small businesses have been looking for an open source solution that takes care of their business needs for some time now," says Warren Larkan, IBM GM at Workgroup. "The problem they're faced with is that most open source solutions require a high level of skills to run and maintain.
"This is not the case with IBM's Lotus Foundations, which is an on-premise software server and a complete solution for businesses with five to 500 employees. It can be launched within 30 minutes and leverages self-managing and self-healing capabilities that minimise the need for human intervention."
Foundations includes Lotus Notes and Domino mail as well as its collaboration platform, file management, directory services, firewall, backup and recovery, anti-virus, anti-spam and Lotus Symphony office productivity tools.
The software solution was built taking the cost pressures faced by business today as well as the core functionality that business needs to thrive and grow into account and now, with Lotus Foundations, small business has access to a broad range of essential business software and tools in a single, highly affordable package.
"Lotus Foundations saves businesses time and costs by leveraging self-managing and self-configuring server capabilities, which means they can focus on running their business without having to worry about their IT," says Larkan.
"Users can easily set-up secure networks connecting an organisation's office network to the Internet or other branch offices. It protects business-critical and confidential data without the need for expensive third party software purchases and allows for full system recovery in minutes without the need for IT staff."
Larkan goes on to say that Foundations offers a full email and collaboration platform. The solution includes Lotus Symphony, which is a suite of programs that allow users to perform day to day business operations, like word processing, spread sheet and presentation creation and maintenance.
The product was also designed with security in mind and the addition of anti-virus, anti-spam, 'hands off' protection through the built in firewall and secure connectivity through a virtual private network (VPN) should leave users feeling secure in the knowledge that their systems and data are safe.
However, as an added benefit, Lotus Foundations includes an integrated disk backup solution, called Low Touch Information Backup, which offers assurance when it comes to data backup and recovery.