MySpace and and Research In Motion (RIM) are joining forces to develop an integrated MySpace Mobile experience customised for BlackBerry smartphones.

MySpace for BlackBerry smartphones integrate MySpace's main social networking components with the BlackBerry platform to provide instant, push-based messaging to BlackBerry and MySpace users. The application will be available in all BlackBerry markets globally.
As part of this collaboration, RIM is also creating a BlackBerry community page on MySpace for users to access the latest BlackBerry smartphone news, content, videos, games, ringtones and skins.
"MySpace and RIM are at the forefront of the mobile social networking evolution," says Chris DeWolfe, CEO of MySpace. "Our partnership enables millions of BlackBerry smartphone users to leverage MySpace on the go and access content, friend networks, and status and mood updates anywhere at any time."
Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of RIM, adds: "BlackBerry smartphone users have unsurprisingly been quick to understand and lead mobile trends and we are seeing many of our customers strongly embrace mobile social networking as an integral part of their communications and day-to-day lives.
"MySpace was one of the first social networking sites to get it right and we are thrilled to join forces to continue evolving and enhancing the mobile social networking experience for our mutual user base."
Mobile social networking is on the rise, with analysts forecasting over 800-million people worldwide accessing social networks through their mobile phones by 2012, up from 82-million in 2007, according to eMarketer. With social networking becoming a large part of the mobile consumer experience, RIM and MySpace are poised to provide consumers easier and deeper engagement with the services they love.