HP has announced a web-based tool that enables mainframe customers to calculate, and identify areas for reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) by transitioning from costly mainframe environments to HP Integrity systems.

HP developed this easy-to-use tool to calculate infrastructure cost savings and flexibility that can be realized when moving off legacy environments, crucial to customers who want to modernize their data centers so that they can keep up with increasing business demands.
A recent independent study by Alinean, shows that customers who have moved to HP Integrity servers from a mainframe environment were able to achieve total cost savings of 70% over a 4-year period by significantly reducing their hardware and software licensing costs.
In addition to the cost savings, customers also benefit from the fact that the HP Integrity servers are open system platforms and so provide a future ready platform through their support of industry standard components from Intel combined with industry-leading application support on Windows and Linux operating systems.
An international manufacturing company worth $3.2 billion retired its mainframe system resulting in an impressive cost reduction in annual operating expenses of 71% saving $7.7 million per year. The standard-based Integrity systems re-hosted an SAP implementation onto an Itanium based HP Integrity solution running Windows Server 2003. The initial investment of $6.1 million and a migration time of 12 months, paid for itself in only 18 months by reducing operating expenses by $24.8 million, yielding a
remarkable 305% return on investment (ROI) over a four year period.
A major financial services company re-engineered their core banking applications to run in a distributed environment on a combination of two HP Integrity rx8640 servers, two HP Integrity rx8620 servers and four HP Proliant DL580 servers, all running Red Hat Linux. With a total investment of $9.4 million, the reengineering effort lasted eighteen months, cut annual operating costs by 46.4% and secured an ROI of 117% totalling $10.9 million over four years with a 30 month payback period.
"We experienced a similar outcome" explained Klaus Hackbarth, CIO and Deputy CEO WGV Versicherungen, Germany. "Partnering with HP and Oracle in our project has enabled WGV to make the transformation from a costly, outsourced mainframe solution to a more flexible, scalable, client/server HP Integrity platform that allows us to continuously automate and Innovate. We got just what we wanted – a powerful HP solution that has saved a lot of money in IT costs and also increased our revenue, improving our ability to develop new products and improving our return on investment."
The consolidation of diverse computing architectures also adds to the green factor of ecology-minded companies by reducing energy and resource consumption. Integrity's open system solutions slash power and cooling costs significantly while freeing up valuable floor space, power and cooling capacity to extend the life of the current data center, helping avoid pricey data centre expansions.
In a separate customer case study by Robert Frances Group2, HP Integrity servers consumed 41% less energy and used 48% less space than the IBM z9 mainframe they replaced.  The capital savings for using HP Integrity servers with Windows Server operating system was over US$23 million, while the operational cost savings was well over $4 million.
HP Integrity is the only multi-OS, standards-based platform on the market today that supports HP-UX, Microsoft Windows, Linux, OpenVMS and NonStop. Customers can run multiple operating systems individually or in a variety of combinations on the same system platform, producing a balanced performance that supports real-world work loads at a lower total cost.