Internet Solutions (IS) has released a dedicated broadband consumer offering, PLuGG, which it says caters to the unique needs of the individual consumer.

According to IS marketing executive, Anthony Southgate, IS ran the ICON service many years ago. "You may remember ICON for its exceptional support and its appetite for catalysing internet usage in the early days of the Web.
"Since then, we turned our attentions to offering superlative services to enterprises, corporates and SMEs. Now IS has developed a fresh and innovative consumer offering by once again extending its reach into the burgeoning consumer broadband market," explains Southgate.
The starting point is relatively simple. PLuGG will be offering ADSL broadband to the consumer and regularly adding more services that will enrich their internet experience and ultimately enrich their lives.
"Flexibility is paramount," says Southgate. "PLuGG launches with a tantalising and straightforward range of ADSL services to suit all types of consumer – from the simple user, to the hardcore gamer. These ADSL services give you the ability to simply top-up as and when you need to, in a convenient pay-as-you-go format," says Southgate.
Accounts range from 1Gb per month to a 30Gb account. Then there is the all-important aspect of customisation, allowing you to choose your cap, but also (on certain packages) decide how much 'local only' bandwidth you want, for use after your cap is exhausted. This is very attractive, for instance, to online gamers, who play locally – as local bandwidth is sold at a lower rate than the standard cap.
"PLuGG is all about broadband as a starting point and an enabler. It's a one-to-one relationship where the consumer can pick and choose the service that is most convenient for his demands and needs, with the flexibility to change as and when needed," says Southgate.
PLuGG comes in three separate packages: Basic DSL (low content user), Pro DSL (intermediate user) and Elite DSL (heavy user). Basic DSL (R33.00 per month) is essentially a pay-as-you-go option and is suited to low content users who use mostly e-mail and basic surfing.
Pro DSL (starts at R85.00 per month) is a conventional capped Internet account. It includes 1Gb capped Internet, but users can increase their cap anywhere from 2Gb up to 30Gb per month. If users run out of cap then there are convenient top-up options.
Elite DSL (starts at R99.00 per month) is aimed at the gaming market and power users. The solution allows users to customise their cap and even specify and buy local-only bandwidth – handy, for example, for gamers who play online locally. If users run out of cap then there are convenient and customisable top-up options.
All packages come standard with some great value-added products like mailboxes, fax-to-mail, domain registration, personal file-sharing data allowance, and top-notch 24×7 support. Post-rollout, PLuGG will be consistently adding to the range of offerings to give the end user the best possible products and online experience. All of this without the restriction of being tied in to long-term contracts.
"PLuGG is all about allowing him the flexibility and choice to customise the broadband offering to his unique needs and budget. It's the ultimate in freedom of choice. With PLuGG, the consumer is now fully empowered in terms of broadband access to the internet. Simple, flexible, customisable and, most importantly, personal broadband," concludes Southgate.