Contact centre technologies and CRM service provider, Ocular Technologies has expanded its offering to include Aspect Software's PerformanceEdge Recording & Quality Management application, which provides quality assurance capabilities, as well as 100% voice and data logging to meet an array of recording requirements for the call or contact centre.

"The Recording & Quality Management application enables businesses to improve contact centre performance and processes, reduce risks, coach and develop employees and comply with regulatory requirements," says Pommie Lutchman, Ocular managing director. "While it simplifies the call recording process, it also provides new opportunities to derive value from the customer knowledge gathered with every customer interaction."
The application's key product component includes Aspect Quality Management (AQM) which offers essential call logging, quality monitoring and scoring, and optional, integrated speech analytics.
Based on these capabilities, it is easy to pinpoint the most appropriate customer interactions to evaluate and report on the content, context, purpose and outcome of every recorded conversation to quickly identify and act on important trends such as customer satisfaction, agent performance and sales and marketing effectiveness.
"One of the key benefits is that you can easily evaluate agent quality performance with unlimited scorecards in order to identify top performers for recognition and provide coaching for lower performers," explains Lutchman.
"In turn, the easy-to-use browser based interface enables agents to view evaluation forms, recorded calls and screens, feedback on specific interactions as well as their colleagues' best actual interaction recording examples, through which they can be trained to improve their effectiveness.
"Even more importantly, it enables businesses to deliver a repeated, first-rate customer experience. AQM captures direct customer feedback on all interactions with the contact centre and provides integrated customer survey tools and automated e-mail reporting with links to the actual recordings. Agents also get the opportunity to individually participate in the quality process by flagging interactions to be recorded and reviewed by their supervisors."
In addition, AQM offers the latest speech analytics technology and by using specific call completion codes, recordings can be easily classified and graded to discover the root causes for repeat calls or changes in performance. The recognised areas for improvement can then be addressed by modifying processes or behaviour in order to increase first call resolutions.
From a secure administration console, staff can access recordings using time and date stamps or by using a customer account number or agent ID. The application allows remote sites to record and operate independently while enabling centralised management and searching. The solution's recording cache capabilities enables users to record all customer interactions as a precaution, with the option to apply business rules to archive only those relevant to compliance requirements, resulting in lower storage cost.
"The standard recording format makes it easy to store metadata in sync with no re-entry," Lutchman continues. "You can ensure compliance by using the voice and screen recordings for document control over your customer-facing processes and with its ability to store recordings for the long term in a secure environment, AQM helps businesses comply with key regulatory requirements.
"Furthermore, the application helps businesses identify new revenue opportunities. By using business data together with the recordings, you can evaluate high value customer interactions to consequently deploy new sales strategies. The robust speech analytics provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your cross-sell and up-sell methods and returns.
"Assisting businesses to reduce complexity and to get a greater return on investment, the Recording & Quality Management application's custom rule properties are based on ACD and IVR data, and as a whole, it can be integrated with other PerformanceEdge applications such as workforce management, performance management, campaign management and coaching and e-learning, as well as all leading suppliers of ACDs and PBXs. It also has synchronisation capabilities so that you can easily create workflows for a common view of performance data across the enterprise," Lutchman concludes.