Consumers with prepaid electricity meters can now buy their vouchers electronically through Kazang, Psitek's vending solution that takes electronic prepaid services to under-serviced areas.

The new prepaid service follows the successful launch and roll-out of prepaid airtime vouchers at the end of 2007, and will soon be followed by further prepaid services, such as insurance top-ups, bill payments and money transfers.
Psitek aims to regularly roll out new services for Kazang, making it the leading one-stop shop for prepaid solutions in the market.
Providing quick and easy access to content and data services in South Africa, Kazang is conveniently located at outlets such as township spaza or tuck shops, phone shops or retail centres – giving people access to a variety of services wherever they may be.
Kazang, which relies on wireless communication for the electronic delivery of services to the consumer, was built on the back of Psitek's existing supervised payphone solutions that operate using cellular technology.
Psitek has an ever expanding network of Kazang Super Dealers, who act as the point of contact between Psitek and Kazang vendors. A commission-based structure ensures that Kazang Super Dealers and vendors are financially rewarded each time prepaid electricity is sold.
Ian Harrison, MD of Psitek, points out that convenient access to a practical range of prepaid services will add value to the lives of a lot of South Africans.
"In South Africa, prepaid services are ideal for people who have an irregular income and no bank account, and who make cash purchases and want immediate access to services the moment they need them.  We believe Kazang is the practical and street smart answer to the requirements of this market."