Psitek has expanded and upgraded its range of Fusion least cost router terminals to further reduce the costs associated with interconnect traffic.  Being the market leader in South Africa, the new Fusion products will entrench Psitek's position in the Fixed Wireless Terminal market.

The Fusion range was developed to re-route both GSM and fixed line calls optimally.  It ensures users' telephone calls stay within a single network for as long as possible, thus substantially reducing costs associated with routing of traffic from one network to another ie. reducing costs associated with interconnect traffic.  The new Fusion range will reduce these costs even further.
The new range comprises the Fusion 230 Least Cost Router, the Fusion 210 Wireless Local Loop (WLL), both of which have just been released, and the Fusion 220 GSM Interface to be launched in November this year. The range boasts affordability, robustness, quality and 100% appropriateness.
The new Fusion 230 Least Cost Router will have both a GSM and public switched telephone network (PSTN) interface enabling the device to perform full Least Cost Router functions between lines.  It will realise substantial cost savings on both fixed line PSTN and cellular GSM voice calls.
It is primarily a dual network least cost routing device for use in the Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) market, as well as PBX environments and residential environments where no PBX systems are available.  It can also be used with limited PBX installations.
The new Fusion 210 WLL is for consumer use in the fast growing WLL market. It focuses on providing connectivity (as opposed to least cost routing), and is ideal for WLL where there are no fixed line or PBX installations.
Custom-designed for the SOHO environment or residential home, the Fusion 210 provides immediate voice and data access via a GSM interface, eliminating the need for a fixed line.
It not only significantly reduces the cost of outgoing calls, but incoming call costs can also be reduced, by means of its call-back feature, an impressive hallmark of the Fusion 210.  A range of numbers can be pre-defined in a call-back list.  When any of these numbers call into the device, it recognises the number and immediately terminates the call.  It then returns the call to the number that dialled in.
November will see the arrival of the Fusion 220 GSM Interface, the development of which is currently in the pipeline.  Also targeted at the WLL market, it will replace the Fusion 100 and offer even lower costs than its predecessor.  While the Fusion 100 had between 65% and 70% market share in South Africa, it is expected that the Fusion 220 will further increase this percentage.
The Fusion 220 will primarily be associated with PBX installations and used for cost saving by appropriately routing all cellular calls through these devices.  It will be suitable for a variety of environments including the corporate and SOHO markets.
All Fusion products come with a comprehensive one year warranty, and are backed by Psitek's thorough after-sales support, which applies no matter where the user is based.  Users can also rely on the assistance of knowledgeable support centre agents to help them with any queries they may have.