In a bid to convert South Africa's 1,2-million dial-up users to broadband, iBurst is offering a R200.00 credit to new subscribers who sign up for a 24-month ADSL, HSDPA or iBurst Wireless contract – provided they trade in their old dial-up modems.

iBurst will collect the old dial-up modem from customers at no additional cost when delivering the new modem included in a broadband contract.
Contract costs start at R69.00 per month, including a new modem.
Apart from aiming to convince some of the 1.2-million dial-up subscribers in South Africa to convert to broadband, the campaign also aims to drive awareness of the affordability, benefits and features of broadband Internet services to those who have yet to move away from dial-up connectivity.
Thami Mtshali, iBurst CEO, comments: "South Africa still has a surprisingly large population of dial-up users, despite the fact that cellular, wireless and fixed-line broadband services are readily available in many parts of the country.
"Reasons that these dial-up users have yet to move across to broadband include fears about the costs of broadband, technophobia in the face of the
many broadband choices in the market, and a lack of understanding around the benefits of broadband. Many are also not aware that there are broadband services available in their areas."
Dial-up users can rest assured that broadband technology is as simple to use as dial-up, but with a range of added benefits such as lower total costs, enhanced speed and performance, always-on connectivity, no per-minute charges and better support for bandwidth-intensive applications such as emails with large attachments, photo downloads and video streaming, adds Mtshali.
He points out that, for a user processing 1Gb of data in a month, broadband services offer total cost-savings of between 65% and 87% over dial-up. To illustrate, a dial-up user would spend more than 40 hours and R1 781.00 to download 1Gb of data (this example depends on theoretical maximums and overheads were not considered).