Sitecom has launched a new generation of network products under the name Pure E-motion.

Sitecom combines an innovative design with the latest wireless technology to meet the demand for simple, user-friendly solutions for home networking.
The company has designed this range with a clear vision: to provide a better "out of the box experience" where even inexperienced users can create a fast, secure network connection.
The Pure E-motion range distinguishes itself because of its modern design in warm chocolate brown and cream colours, this makes sure that the products suit any interior.
User-friendliness has played an important role in the development of this range. Sitecom has chosen to have an easy-to-follow instruction manual consisting of clear images which makes it understandable for a wider target group.
In addition, the N products in the Pure E-motion range have a WPS button to create a secure connection with the push of a button without the need for any complicated software configuration.
To make things even easier, there are concise instructions on the bottom of the router. The Pure E-motion range is presented in distinguishing packaging which suits the
style of the product, where clear communication and simplicity take centre stage.
With the 802.11 draft 2.0 N product range, users can count on good performance of networks in environments with several users and demanding applications, such as HD video and audio, VoIP, multiplayer games and the transfer of large volumes of data.
The 300N Sitecom products excel in streaming media, thanks to the integrated WMM (Wireless Multimedia) technology. This enables data streams or network tasks to be executed simultaneously and seamlessly by multiple users in the same household.
The first products in the comprehensive Pure E-motion product range that will be available are the WL-302, retailing at R399.00; the WL-312, retailing at R799.00; and the WL-575, retailing at R999.00.