Citrix Systems has unveiled its strategy for cloud computing and announced the new Citrix Cloud Center (C3) product family.

The Citrix C3 solution integrates "cloud proven" virtualisation and networking products that power many of today's largest Internet and web service providers. This combination lets next-generation cloud providers take advantage of the most widely-adopted virtual infrastructure platform for hosted cloud services, as well as the most proven infrastructure to deliver those services reliably and securely to both cloud consumers and enterprise data centres.
The Citrix strategy will focus on equipping both new and existing cloud providers with the infrastructure needed to deliver successful clouds to their customers.
"Many clouds that offer services based on the Xen hypervisor have asked Citrix to help them offer a richer set of virtualised IT infrastructure services as well as a more scalable infrastructure to deliver them to both enterprise and consumer users," says Nick Keene, country manager of Citrix Systems Southern Africa.
"These leading cloud providers are committed to Xen as a fast, secure, bare metal hypervisor, but want the richness of a dedicated virtual infrastructure layer that offers great performance for both Windows and Linux, high availability, live relocation, dynamic workload provisioning and other powerful management features provided in the full XenServer product line.
"XenServer Cloud Edition will include an in-place upgrade package for standalone Xen implementations that includes XenServer's industry leading support for Windows guests, including full VM compatibility with Microsoft Hyper-V so our cloud customers can offer their users the ability to boot and run VMs created on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and upload into the cloud.
"Combining this capability with the powerful delivery infrastructure of NetScaler and WANScaler, plus the dynamic orchestration features of Workflow Studio, makes for a powerful architecture for every category of cloud providers."
The Citrix C3 solution is designed to give cloud providers a complete set of service delivery infrastructure building blocks for hosting, managing and delivering cloud-based computing services. Citrix C3 includes a reference architecture that combines the individual capabilities of several Citrix product lines to offer a powerful, dynamic, secure and highly available service-based infrastructure ideally suited to large-scale, on-demand delivery of both IT infrastructure and application services.