Consulting company ForgeAhead and USAASA will be implementing a telecontainer of computers at the Ramogabudi Secondary School in Polokwane Limpopo, which they have adopted as one of the African ICT Achievers CSI projects.

They will present the telecontainer on 26 September.
Ernest Morolong, the winner of the Top African ICT Achievers Educator Award, identified the Ramogabudi Secondary School as a worthy recipient and has been instrumental in working with ForgeAhead and USAASA on the implementation.
The school is Morolong's opportunity to contribute to the upliftment of South Africa's underprivileged learner's computer literacy, something which he is passionate about.
ForgeAhead will also seek sponsorships, such as for server connection and maintenance, that can help the school manage the computers effectively.
"Our participation also means that we will encourage community involvement to assist the school further," says Jane Mosebi, MD of ForgeAhead.