AMD has launched a new corporate brand campaign under the tagline "The Future is Fusion".

The campaign intends to focus on how a combination of technologies, coupled with relationships with computer manufacturers and an understanding of customer needs, results in exciting next-generation capabilities and experiences at work, at home, and at play.
"Fusion is AMD's way to express how we blend our customers' needs, dreams and desires with our unique passion for enabling innovation," says Imi Mosaheb, country manager, South Africa at AMD. "While this approach has always been our practice, 'Fusion' is the most focused articulation yet of how AMD marries innovation with collaboration in ways that can yield benefits to the marketplace greater than the sum of its parts."
The adoption of the "Fusion" brand and the accompanying global campaign, which is expected to run through the end of the year, are among several steps AMD is taking as part of a broader transformation designed to sharpen its focus around its core microprocessor and graphics technology businesses.