The CIDA ICT Academy has presenetd 87 students with certificates for completing the full International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) qualification at its sixth certification ceremony.

The ICDL qualification is internationally recognised as the global standard in end-user computer skills.
The group of 87 students were made up of 76 full-time students who are studying towards a Bachelor of Business Administration degree over and above their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) courses, while the second group of 11 students were all CIDA staff members who decided to up-skill themselves in computer literacy.
Since its inception, the CIDA ICT Academy has certified a total of 580 students in ICDL, 43% of whom are female.
Founded in 2003 and created to address the ICT skills shortage in South Africa, the CIDA ICT Academy is a partnership between CIDA City Campus and a consortium of IT companies, including T-Systems, CompTIA, SUN Microsystems and SAP.
President Thabo Mbeki was quoted when addressing Parliament that "the education offered at CIDA City Campus is designed to make students relevant, truly empowered, integrated citizens and leaders that are skilled and equipped to build the South African economy and society."
Khulu Ntuli, ICT Academy manager at CIDA, comments: "After completing the ICDL programme, all of our students say the ICDL is the perfect platform for them to progress to more challenging courses.
"In addition we believe the students now have the comprehensive computer knowledge to use multiple computing platforms and the proven skills to work at a high level of efficiency within essential business applications."
As a vendor-neutral certification, ICDL ensures the student achieves the fundamentals in ICT and can apply their skills in a range of computing environments.