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Secure portable storage a must


The unprecedented growth in storage capacity in portable devices – such as hard drives, USB flash drives and media players – has seen a shift in the "storage habits" of business people and consumers alike.

People carry more with them on inexpensive devices that continue to shrink in form factor despite storage capacities quite literally doubling every 18 months.
This trend is made evident in the growth of storage capacity worldwide, which, according to IDC, was up 50.1% in 2007 – reaching 1,2 Exabytes (1Eb is approximately 1-billion Gb).
This is according to Reon Coetzee, marketing manager for Toshiba South Africa and Africa as he announced the launch of Toshiba's 200GB ruggedised SecuRed portable hard drives.
"To this extent," he says, "people need to ensure that their information is secure and that if they do 'carry their lives' on these devices, that they are safe from damage and that the information stored on them cannot be accessed by unauthorised people.
"Apart from the cost implications of having to replace a damaged hard drive, many businesses rely heavily on backups and critical information, which may be stored on these portable devices, which, if lost, could quite seriously damage a business financially and strategically."
Toshiba's SecuRed drives offer a number of safety features that protect users' data from being lost or illegally accessed.
Most notably, the spill-proof drives feature Toshiba's Free Fall sensor, which detects shocks or drops in any direction and automatically locks the drive heads to avoid any serious damage to the hard drive's internals.
"In today's knowledge economy where information is the new commodity of value, the need to secure and encrypt information on any portable device is paramount.
"And while software solutions do exist to secure information on storage media, biometrics is emerging as a viable and reliable method of ensuring information is locked down," Coetzee says.
As a result, biometric security features very prominently in Toshiba's range of products and the new SecuRed hard drives are no exception.
"With a combination of a fingerprint reader and powerful encryption technology, information is secure and consumers can rest assured that their documents, music, videos and photos are under lock-and-key," Coetzee adds.
"As the popularity of portable storage devices increases and we gain access to more storage space in compact devices, we will inevitably begin to carry more of our important personal and professional information around with us.
"Now we just have to ensure that it's all kept safe from physical damage and unauthorised access," he concludes.
SecuRed hard drives are available in South Africa and will retail for R2 799.00.