FirstRand Group company Hyphen Technology has deployed Vision Data Manager from Edgetec as the foundation of a new data archiving service for customers.

The new service meets the regulatory requirements for archiving old and retired data in the financial services sector.
"Our new service has emerged from the requirements of existing customers," says Kirstie van den Berg, IT manager at Hyphen Technology. "Supplying the technology solutions to restore control and contribute to profitability for our financial services customers is our core business. Vision's Data Manager, which was supplied and implemented by Edgetec, means we retain our flexibility to provide the services that customers require."
"We knew that Vision's Data Manager was the best tool for Hyphen's archiving needs," says Dan Naidoo, CEO of Edgetec. "Outdated data adds to storage costs and bogs down queries, reports and online applications. But often companies don't purge data because most of the tools on the market require them to shut down the entire application. Many companies, especially those in the financial services sector, simply cannot afford to shut down their applications for periodic data purges, yet they are required, often by law, to manage the data and retain it in a usable structure."
Hyphen is an outsourced application service provider and member of the FirstRand Group, delivering a broad range of financial value-added solutions to businesses. Hyphen facilitates automated financial transaction processing across payment and collection streams and ensures the automated reconciliation and integration of payment and collection processes with its clients' systems.
Hyphen emphasises efficiently engineered administration processes, as opposed to simple payment and collection systems.
Edgetec is a specialist IT solutions and services company that supplies, services and maintains IBM solutions, including System i, System p and system storage, blades, high availability, systems management, disaster recovery, virtualisation, managed e-mail and hosting. It has counted Hyphen among its customers since the company opened its doors in 1997.
"We have a proven record over the past 11 years and we provide solutions and services to some of the largest corporations in South Africa," says Van den Berg. "They include most of the country's largest life assurance companies, short-term insurance companies, some of the largest furniture retail groups, municipalities, banks and pre-paid service providers. After 11 years we still service 98% of our original client base because service is critical to our business and therefore critical to our suppliers."
Edgetec has supplied solutions and services to Hyphen Technology for more than seven years, sometimes in conjunction with IBM.
Hyphen Technology currently operates two IBM System i machines in a high-availability environment at FirstRand Group's Randburg data centre. Last year the business optimised its systems and was able to scale back from three System i machines to just two because of the performance improvements IBM has achieved with the updated architecture.
"The machines are much smaller and more powerful now than in the past, which is why we were able to scale back from three to two and still maintain our high availability and meet performance requirements to maintain our customer service levels," says Van den Berg. "Edgetec played a key role in that process and we relied heavily on their expertise. They have an intimate knowledge of the technologies and our environment, even to the point of knowing our system serial numbers by memory. Their experience meant that they were even able to help us over the phone when we needed it. They are extremely customer-centric."