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Microsoft, Pioneer in patent cross-licensing deal


Microsoft and Pioneer has signed a patent cross-licensing agreement that furthers the development of each company's product lines and will expand technological innovation to enhance the overall customer experience.

The cross-licensing agreement covers a broad range of consumer products, including Pioneer's auto navigation products and televisions, as well as Microsoft's software products. The agreement allows greater mutual access to each partner's respective patent portfolio.
The agreement, recently signed by representatives of both companies, expands the relationship between Microsoft and Pioneer to promote the incorporation of patented technologies in their respective products. Although the contents of the agreement, including the specific financial terms, are confidential, the parties indicated that Microsoft is being compensated by Pioneer.
"Industry collaboration through intellectual property licensing fosters innovation that benefits the customer, the consumer and the overall IT ecosystem," says Horacio Gutierrez, vice president of intellectual property (IP) and licensing at Microsoft.
"We are proud of our innovations and the quality of our comprehensive global patent portfolio. This agreement will help bring new and exciting technologies to customers who have learned to expect high-quality technology from Microsoft and Pioneer."
Recently, Microsoft's patent portfolio was given the year-end top quality rating in the IT industry by two of the leading independent patent-quality rating systems. As well, Microsoft has entered into similar patent cross-licensing agreements relevant to auto navigation in the past 12 months with industry leaders Kenwood and Alpine Electronics.
"These types of agreements extend collaboration and innovation in the automotive field by allowing us to help our partners deliver groundbreaking in-vehicle technologies and product enhancements," says Velle Kolde, senior product manager, Microsoft's Automotive Business Unit.
Microsoft's Automotive Business Unit is a dedicated partner to the auto industry, providing innovative technologies and flexible software platforms to help deliver simple, reliable and cost-effective in-vehicle infotainment systems. Developed closely with automakers and automotive suppliers, the award-winning Microsoft Auto and Windows Automotive software platforms connect drivers with a wide range of devices, services and technology while on the go, including hands-free communication, mobile device integration, customized navigation and high-fidelity digital entertainment.