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Unified e-mail management from your cell phone


Preserv8, an e-mail archiving Software plus Services Microsoft certified solution, is now available to a broader market with the introduction of preserv8 Mobile.

The expansion in technology application follows the global trend of increased convergence of remote infrastructure access and control via cellular technology.
The e-mail archive retention and unified messaging platform was developed by Integr8 IS. The mobile application augments the existing offering by providing seamless access to the preserv8 unified management interface.
Deon Robertson, CEO at Integr8 IS, says, due to the limitations of the mobile platform, the offering is not a fully-replicated system but a condensed version of the preserv8 management interface.
"We developed preserv8 mobile to provide access to the most important functionality directly from any mobile phone," says Robertson. "The main reasons behind this level of anywhere, anytime access is most users today possess more sophisticated phones, the pervasive nature of email compels us to provide real-time remote access and it is a practical, logistically sound means of monitoring and managing the system, particularly when you don't have handy access to your laptop."
According to Robertson administrators can enjoy secure mobile access to salient functionality. This includes the ability to monitor mail flow, update Real-Time Blacklists (RBL), manage user profiles, view logs and provide access to webmail access for all users.
This latest news from Integr8 IS (Pty) Ltd. has emerged just a few weeks from the announcement of the product's status as the first of its kind Microsoft certified solution available.
"We are very pleased at the rapid progress the solution has already made locally and we are excited to note that it is being mirrored abroad in Europe and the United States, among others," adds Robertson. "The offering certainly turned heads when it was named as the first available email archiving 'software plus services' independent software vendor certified solution globally, and the next logical step was to streamline management via mobility."
Why the popularity surrounding the solution? According to its developers, preserv8TM offers a substantial amount of immediate, hassle-free benefit to clientele that share a world-wide challenge in email retention, corporate governance in terms of communication and related management.
"The strength of the solution is reflected in a number of practical and logistic applications focused on optimization of the email process. These include the fact that it is a unified email platform, provides carrier-grade availability, instant business continuity and is always-on, it is legally certified to provide compliance with the ECT Act, RIC Act, and King II Report, and features powerful profile-based archive search, e-discovery and retrieval, branding, graphical reporting, anti-virus and anti-spam capabilities," Robertson adds.